NRMP Main Match 2016: Mark Your Calendar!

As you are busy researching different residency programs and specialties and collecting all of your documents for your ERAS application also take the time to note these important dates on your calendar! 


June 23: Obtain ERAS Token
After obtaining your ERAS Token in the ERAS Support Services section of OASIS you can register your Token within MyERAS. Once this is completed you can begin uploading all of your documents (LORs, PS, CV, PTAL, etc.)

September 1: Have all documents uploaded to ERAS
It is important that you have all of your supporting documents uploaded to ERAS by September 1st because many of these documents can take up to 2 weeks to process. In order to submit your application on September 15th all supporting documents must be uploaded and finished processing. 

September 15: Submit ERAS application and register for NRMP Main Match
Your ERAS application can be submitted to programs beginning 9:00am Eastern Time. Programs can immediately begin downloading your application for review at this time. 

October 1: MSPEs are released to programs
If your Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE) was submitted before September 15th it will be released to programs on October 1st for review by program directors. 

November 30: NRMP Match early registration deadline
You can still register after November 30th but a late registration fee will be applied.  


February 24: NRMP Match registration deadline/ submit ROL
This is the final deadline to register for the NRMP Main Match and submit your Rank Order List (ROL). If you do not register for the Main Match or submit a Rank Order List you will not be eligible to participate in the Main Match or SOAP. Even if you did not receive any interviews you can still submit a blank rank order list in order to make yourself eligible for SOAP. 
March 14: Find out if you matched!
On March 14th you will find out whether or not you matched into a residency program for 2016. You will not find out which particular program you matched into until March 17th. 

March 14-17: SOAP
For those who failed to match SOAP (the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program) is an opportunity to submit your application to any unfilled positions. This program lasts Monday to Friday of Match week.  

March 18: Match Results are posted to NRMP!

May 31: ERAS season ends

July 1: Residency training begins