Success Story of the Month: Dr. Lok

An "Iron Man" Race to Residency


Dr. Lok was a graduate of one of the oldest and finest Caribbean medical schools – St. George’s University School of Medicine. Unfortunately, it had a very minimal support system for USMLE preparation.

     As a result, Dr. Lok received below average scores on the USMLE after a number of failed attempts, which negatively impacted his ability to Match. His lowest point occurred when he called his medical school and requested their support on his path to residency. His school quickly dismissed him and the counselor voiced extreme doubts in his chances. Flooded with medical school bills and working two jobs to support himself, Dr. Lok was about to give up hope. He came to Residents Medical seeking guidance, and to help him rehabilitate his candidacy for residency in the United States.

     Dr. Lok’s rehabilitation was soon underway. He began Step 3 tutoring to offset the low USMLE scores and attempts, and accent reduction to boost his confidence. Dr. Lok was born in Hong Kong, and his accent caused him to shy away in interviews, hindering his performance. Paired with RM’s Director of USMLE Tutoring and in-house speech pathologist, Dr. Lok was started on his path to becoming the strong candidate he was always meant to be. He passed USMLE Step 3 with flying colors – on the first attempt.

     After he passed Step 3 and with new found confidence, Dr. Lok was put into a research fellowship position at a top institute for Spinal Cord Injury Research for Veterans. There, he worked side-by-side the residency Program Director and renowned Principal Investigators. He participated in cutting edge research, helped establish three devices, and administered the use of the “Iron Man” device to assist Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Veterans with walking.

     These incredible feats allowed Dr. Lok to pre-match into the program where he was doing research. Dr. Lok truly achieved his American Dream, thanks to Residents Medical’s guidance.


*Picture above is the 'likeness' of our candidate in order to protect privacy. All Success Stories are based on true accounts.