What is an unaccredited PGY-1 and how can it help me Match?

What is an unaccredited PGY-1? 

An unaccredited PGY-1 is a preliminary residency year in which you do not receive credit. A resident in an unaccredited PGY-1 program will have the same responsibilities and experience as a resident in an accredited program, but after completing an unaccredited PGY-1 the medical school graduate must still complete an accredited PGY-1 before moving on to a PGY-2 position.  

If I do not receive any credit how does it help my medical career? 

Unaccredited PGY-1 positions are a great opportunity to enhance your clinical skills and gain valuable experience working as a resident. Although you do not receive credit for this year, Program Directors value the experience you will gain which could help offset any red flags on your application.  

How do I know if I would benefit from a PGY-1? 


Additionally, if you have attempted the NRMP Main Match in past years and have been unsuccessful, reach out to a program director or another colleague and ask what red flags they see in your application. An unaccredited PGY-1 could be the experience you need to get your application ready for next year’s Match!