48-Weeks Full Rotation

Remaining true to our Maxim of “Pioneering Medical Education, Globally,” Residents Medical (“RM”) presents its newest education route: 48-Weeks Full Rotations.

In the succession of proper and pedigreed preparation for a victorious match into an ACGME accredited program, it is hard to find a more important mitigating factor that decides whether you (the future residency candidate) will be granted an interview than where you did your rotations. This includes if your evaluations were U.S. Medical School equivalent, where you did your rotations, and how strong an LOR were you given. Were these levers pulled by an established leader of the sponsoring GME program? Many Program Directors have opined to RM that rotations at outstanding teaching hospitals are as important if not more so than your USMLE scores, in deciding to grant you an interview! If you are an IMG or FMG, medical student on the road to graduation, the single most factor that will mitigate your credibility as a viable residency candidate, differentiating your candidacy from the thousands upon thousands of IMGs and FMGs, globally that apply for a handful of ACGME accredited training slots at any given training hospital are, what kind of US-based clinical rotations have you completed in your medical school education. This really matters if you are applying from an off-shore medical school.

RM offers “University-based rotations” at some of the best teaching hospitals in America. We also offer both AMA “Green Book” and Non-Green Book rotations, dependent on your particular needs. For the full 48-Weeks rotations requirement of most medical schools, universally RM has a hybrid of all three types of rotations that will suit your particular needs.

Rotations are tough to obtain in US teaching hospitals, American medical schools barley have enough to cumulatively cover their own medical students. The top Caribbean medical schools by volume pay millions of dollars to community-based hospitals, in many cases are not even ACGME accredited rotations, just to squeak by the requisites, spotlighting how treasured rotations are. Medical Schools in Europe have limited exposure to any US-based clinical rotations. Medical schools in Asia have a compulsory year of “pre-residency” that can be satisfied by this course RM offers, gaining you US pedigree. Medical schools in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have practically no US clinical rotations access for their medical students. If you want to be taken seriously as a US residency candidate and not just throw money away on ERAS application process, your rotations schedule must be properly documented, evaluated; in other words, exemplary US-based rotations.

If you are an LCME student or Osteopathic Medical School student, we can help you with individualized rotations at some of the top University-based programs, including obtaining hard to get electives, to spotlight your focus on specialty you plan to discover a career in, those tough specialties such as ENT or Orthopedics, etc.

The proper foundation is the key to your medical career success. RM with its expertise will pour the proper foundation, starting with rotations, going on or paralleling with unsurpassed USMLE tutelage and a strong research portfolio. Your US-based rotations will dictate your chances of success, in the ever so competitive realm of US medical residency training. We’ve got your rotations covered.