CV/Personal Statement/ERAS Revamp

The way you present your experience, skills and achievements on paper is extremely important when being considered for residency. This is especially important for IMGs, who need to effectively showcase their unique talents and stand out when competing against U.S. medical school graduates.

We will analyze the content of your CV, Personal Statement, and ERAS application, suggest and confirm revisions and format your documents based on ACGME Program and Program Director specifications. Our comprehensive CV/PS revision includes detailed editing to highlight your superlative talent, capabilities, and work ethic. No matter how many revisions it takes, you will be presented in the best way possible.

We will also review your ERAS application and provide suggestions for correcting it. The ERAS application includes fields that incorporate your CV in a standard format and provides limitations on the information that can be included, as it cannot accommodate your content in the way your word processing application can. ERAS only allows for plain text without most of the special characters and symbols. Therefore, we optimize it for you and make sure that the formatting is compatible with the ERAS application system and that your descriptions are clean and easy to read. We do not limit the number of revisions we can make for you, as long as the final copy represents your credentials clearly and effectively.

As a member of our program, your ERAS application and CV will be reviewed and edited by a current and/or former Program Director, Associate Dean, Chair or Vice Chair of an ACGME Residency program.

To request CV/PS revamp and ERAS application services, please complete the form provided.

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