All of our tutors are highly qualified and are held to the highest standard. They all have a Step 1 & 2 score of 250+ and a Step 3 score of 225+. Our group of tutors provide a diverse set of strengths and teaching styles to accommodate each individual’s particular needs. They all have different availability. Thus, once you choose a tutor, you will be able to discuss a schedule that works for both of you.

Amani AlTarouti

Amani AlTarouti

MBBS, MS, PGY-1 Internal Medicine.

Amani AlTarouti, MD received her medical degree from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia where her family moved for work. Her interest to continue her medical training in the United States drove her to excel in her USMLE scores and overcome the challenges that faced her as an international medical graduate.

Dr. AlTarouti received a MS in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her Master’s thesis, which focused on retinal disease diagnosis, received an honored recognition with the prestigious Vesalius Trust Scholarship for visual communications in health sciences. She continued her research at the Kellogg Eye Center in Michigan where she worked for a year as a clinical research fellow in the retinal degeneration department. She completed a preliminary medicine internship at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland and will be starting an Ophthalmology Residency in 2016 at the University of Buffalo, New York.

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