ACGME’s Yearly Conference is virtual this year and its title underscores the web-streamed venue: “Meaning in Medicine: Mastering the Moment”  Highly informative with a plethora of sessions (many available for review until June 1) ACGME’s annual gathering is for new and experienced program directors, DIOs, program coordinators, residents, and GME faculty and administrators.

Greg Heffernan, VP of Academic Affairs for Residents Medical and Associate Director of the Everest Foundation reports the conference has been both easily accessible, academically focused, and a great resource to help residents, faculty, and GME administrators better understand the mechanics of residency.  Professor Heffernan shared that the Program Director and DIO chat rooms provide a wonderful networking opportunity to connect with residencies across the US and discuss challenges and needs in their ongoing education of physician trainees.

Session titles have included the Introductory Course for New Program Directors and Basics of Institutional Accreditation for DIO’s. The conference also included sessions focused on resident wellness and influencers such as TrainingManaging Resident/Fellow and Program Social Media Presence, or the uncomfortable session look at Resident Mistreatment and How to Stop It 

 A session sponsored by the ECFMG being held on Friday, February 26 entitled IMG Well-Being Challenges in 2020: COVID and Beyond will examine the 24 percent of practicing physicians and residents in the US, many of whom were at the frontlines during the COVID crises.

New technology that has exploded into GME due to COVID also showed itself this year in the session titled Integrating Novel Telemedicine Curricula into Medical Education and Training. There was even a session on Thursday, February 25 entitled Speak Up! Tips and Strategies to Improve Public Speaking and Presentation Skills designed to enhance faculty and resident key ACGME Core Competency: Communication Skills.

All in all, the transition to a virtual 2021 ACGME Conference has been an enriching and informative way to connect with our colleagues and peers across GME despite a global pandemic.