A Message from Our Founder

The challenges that international U.S. and non-U.S. graduates face are immense, putting them at a disadvantage in a field where more medical expertise is needed every year. I wanted to provide a more direct resource to these aspiring medical residents, and as a result, Residents Medical emerged in 1993.

More than any other organization, Residents Medical is unique in that it provides education, preparation, and placement skills and opportunities for medical students and graduates to bolster their application and expertise.

Via our connections to teaching hospitals, residency Program Directors, and residency experts, our candidates are given a personalized program to build their knowledge of the U.S. health system and increase their chances of finding residency in the U.S. We have been helping international graduates find their Dream Residency™ for over 26 years, building our team and network so that we are better equipped than ever to forge your pathway to U.S. residency.

Dr. Michael Everest

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about alleviating the Residency Bottleneck by building tomorrow’s doctors today. Our innovative model uses a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals to collaborate with The Everest Foundation*, which supports GME programs throughout the U.S. Together, we break down the barriers to residential acceptance for our candidates.

Residents Medical also specializes in end-to-end consulting with Community-Based Hospitals and Health-Systems to create new ACGME accredited residency programs. Our consultant team brings unparalleled experience from Program Directors, Designated Institution Officials, Deans, and former hospital CEOs to fix program violations and ensure regulations are maintained.

We believe that patient safety and satisfaction, as well as better health outcomes, are integral to a thriving community and successful medical institutions. By focusing on excellence and empowering medical graduates and hospitals with the tools to prove themselves, every qualified medical professional and institution can help humanity through medicine and research.

*Residents Medical and The Everest Foundation share common ownership.