I write this testimonial with excitement and without any reservation. Residents Medical helped me achieve my professional goals two times over! I came to Residents Medical as an IMG, graduating from Ross University in the Caribbean. I bounced from year to year longing to match but to no avail. My scores were decent, but I had just a single attempt. My medical school did not really support me, so I was stuck. I received an email from RM, that changed the trajectory of my downward spiral.

Through an educational pathway that helped strengthen my CV, I became a researcher at top School of Medicine in Virginia. I received an interview and matched into a Prelim Internal Medicine spot. I was elated and so very relieved. Throughout my PGY-1, I ran across some issues and did not score well on my ITE, so I was not given an opportunity to advance into a categorical position.

Residents Medical did not discourage me. They understood “Resident Burnout” and assimilation issues. I felt like giving up. I thought I got my spot, and now I messed up my professional career, and life was over! Upon a further preparatory plan and programs that helped me, I applied in the SOAP Match, got a few interviews but nothing. I thought I would have to wait until next Match, and even then, not knowing what was going to happen. Residents Medical came through again and helped me land a PGY-2 categorical in an advanced position in Preventative Medicine. That includes me obtaining an MPH while in the residency. I received an interview invite in August and was offered the position, well after residency season started. I am truly amazed! I am now a categorical resident this year!

I am beyond thankful, all I can say is to anyone reading these testimonials, that if you are wasting your time, get your CV stronger, and make yourself a viable residency applicant. Residents Medical helped me again and again. If I had a quarter for how many times I called my Guidance Counselor, I would have jars full of quarters! If you are serious about your medical career, Residents Medical will help you, I am living proof.

Best Regards,