Two months after the main match, I was getting anxious, but I believed in the Residents Medical approach. After 5 years of not matching, I was deflated. You kept encouraging me not to give up and that the whole team at Residents Medical is working hard for me. You were right, thank you!

I graduated from Elam Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. I had good scores and speak four languages, yet for years, I still was not able to land a residency. When I was accepted into your program, I knew it was my last chance to become a medical resident.

Residents Medical provided me with a way that I was able to highlight my talents, not just being scored by a graduation date. I integrated into a residency program with the Program director directly mentoring me. A position happened to open for a July start, at the program where I was doing my hands-on clinical externship. Being integrated in the program really helped. Thanks to Residents Medical I was at the right place at the right time. For me, this opportunity equated to PGY-1 categorical position in Family Medicine. I was accepted in May for a July start! I was able to highlight my commitment and clinical acumen during my hands-on externship, I helped during the COVID-19 pandemic, helped the COVID response team, being on the front lines. That held immense value in the programs decision to offer me the position.

Thank you for your guidance, as I transition into my medical residency. You were with me the whole time. I would like to recommend you and of course Residents Medical. It has been a hard journey, for an FMG like me, we are usually marginalized in the residency applicant process. The training and education that you helped me with made me a stronger applicant and I will be a stronger PGY-1 resident. I fully recommend Residents Medical without any doubt!

Very Truly Yours,