Thank you for all of your help. Since the start of this journey, when Sheila Aula was assigned as my Guidance Counselor, you have always been there for me. Morning or evening you took my calls, quashed my fears and helped guide me through my anxieties.

I graduated from a St George’s University, one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, yet still I was not able to land a residency. My scores were decent but my attempt on CS was really hurting my application. You helped me with providing a university-based externship that got me good LOR and the SOAP interview that got me my current spot. That in itself was a such an amazing accomplishment. I have now moved onto a categorical spot and will have my residency completed in a couple of years. Thank you for helping with the PGY-2 transition as well, especially being that it was a pre-Match in the month of September, long before the 2020 Match cycle in March! It’s just amazing!

I would like to recommend Residents Medical, their entire team, and specifically Sheila. Her experience, patience and temperament held me together during those dark times. Residents Medical is a professional education organization that started with making me a better residency candidate and now I tap into the tools you gave me to be a stellar residency and beyond. I can’t thank you enough!

Very Truly Yours,