Thank you! Everything you said would happen, did happen. The only prerequisite you put before me was that I had to prove myself. Once I did, the door would open for me. Because of this, I’m writing this letter with great enthusiasm.

I came to Residents Medical as a graduate from St. Martinus University School of Medicine in the Caribbean. Being a 2015 grad, I thought I would have landed a residency right after medical school. Being an IMG with low USMLE scores, I just couldn’t land a residency on my own. Residents Medical came up with a real plan. I embedded myself in a research program on the West Coast; a harder location to land for an IMG. I didn’t have to stress about the match process and all the sleepless nights that go with it. I was told that I would interview for a post-Match spot through RM’s Research-to-Residency pathway, and if I did well, I’d get the position. I had doubts, no match? But the professionalism and due-diligence displayed by the staff at Residents Medical proved my doubts wrong.

It paid off! I was offered a spot after having worked under my Primary Investigator, who also happened to be the DIO. Nothing was handed to me, I had to prove myself with hard work and dedication. Residents Medical provided the path – I did my part and they did there’s. I’m now a PGY-1 General Surgery Resident and going to start in July 2018! I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the whole team at Residents Medical.