An alumnus of our Research to Residency program pathway, Dr. K. Kamal Mohiuddin is the exemplary success story of Residents Medical, serving as a reminder of our passion for helping future doctors achieve their Dream Residencies. As a foreign medical graduate and well-respected researcher at Moorhouse College of Medicine and HCA Memorial Family Medicine, he built a portfolio of multiple publications. When faced with a disappointing Match year, he was referred to Residents Medical, and his trajectory changed. Under the guidance of Residents Medical’s personalized Roadmap to Residency pathway, Dr. Kamal’s diligent work ethic rewarded him when he Matched into a Family Medicine program.Now, Dr. Kamal gives back to the students and candidates who find themselves in his previous situation. As the frontline of our admissions and acceptance committee, he mentors and guides new candidates with empathy and professionalism.