With the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) about to open, your application should be ready to go. Don’t wait until the last day; give yourself time to properly complete it. There will be tens of thousands of ERAS applications submitted during these upcoming weeks, but Residents Medical can help strengthen your candidacy in order to stand out from the rest. With direction from our experienced guidance counselors, plus insight from our residency consultants and directors, we will provide an individualized path aimed at achieving your Dream Residency. To begin your residency journey, our team has compiled time-tested, effective tips to successfully complete the ERAS application and increase your chances at landing an interview.

Personalize Your Medical Residency Essay

The task of taking care of people – young, old, scared or uncomfortable – is not for everyone.  To prove that you have excellent patient care, state why you are specifically fit for the field of medicine, specifically your specialty. This does not need to be extravagant; rather, a compelling, genuine story will set your candidacy apart.

Avoid Making Errors

One of the simplest, most-common mistakes in any application is spelling/grammar errors. Medical doctors, having reached the highest point in their educational path, should be able to avoid this to maintain their professional appearance. You should be reviewing your application for errors with fresh eyes often, as well as asking close relatives, friends, and colleagues to review it. Our candidates’ applications are reviewed by Program Directors and Deans at Schools of Medicine. Reach out to us for a personalized review of your application before submitting it.

State Your Hardships

Every medical journey is filled with hardships shaped in various forms. If you have experienced hardship, do not be afraid to share them.  Directors want to see your methods for overcoming obstacles. However, do not turn this into a cry for help or pity gesture. Directors want to see your strength behind the situation and how you can apply the growth from the trouble to the hardships of residency. If you have not personally experienced obstacles, describe the aid you have provided for another that proves your skillset in this area.

Don’t Cheat Yourself

Don’t put anything on your application that is not accurate.  When it comes down to it, directors will know when you are being honest about your experience or making false claims. Honesty is always the best policy.

For more tips and customized assistance, contact Residents Medical for a free consultation about our programs and services. Our goal is to support each one of our candidates as they accomplish their Dream Residencies. Are You Next?