LOR / Family Medicine
May 05, 2020

Two months after the main match, I was getting anxious, but I believed in the Residents Medical approach. After 5 years of not matching, I was deflated. You kept encouraging me not to give up and that the whole team at Residents Medical is working hard for me. You were right, thank you!

I graduated from Elam Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba. I had good scores and speak four languages, yet for years, I still was not able to land a residency. When I was accepted into your program, I knew it was my last chance to become...

Dr. M.U.
PGY-1 Categorical, Family Medicine
LOR / Externships
September 15, 2019

Thank you for all of your help. Since the start of this journey, when Sheila Aula was assigned as my Guidance Counselor, you have always been there for me. Morning or evening you took my calls, quashed my fears and helped guide me through my anxieties.

I graduated from a St George’s University, one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, yet still I was not able to land a residency. My scores were decent but my attempt on CS was really hurting my application. You helped me with providing a university-based externship that got me good LOR and...

Dr. Kumar
PGY-2 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Residency Placement
August 07, 2019

I write this testimonial with excitement and without any reservation. Residents Medical helped me achieve my professional goals two times over! I came to Residents Medical as an IMG, graduating from Ross University in the Caribbean. I bounced from year to year longing to match but to no avail. My scores were decent, but I had just a single attempt. My medical school did not really support me, so I was stuck. I received an email from RM, that changed the trajectory of my downward spiral.

Through an educational pathway that helped strengthen my CV, I became a researcher at...

Dr. S. Khan
PGY-2 Resident, Preventive Medicine
LOR / Research-to-Residency
April 21, 2019

I am writing this testimony with my highest endorsement to Residents Medical. I am an American Citizen who graduated from an international medical school in 2015. I had so much difficulty in getting into residency and I lost all hope until I was recommended Residents Medical by a friend.

Joining Residents Medical was the best decision that I made and it was life-changing. They helped me study for my USMLE Step 3 with one of their top-scoring one-on-one tutors who designed an individualized study plan and taught me great strategies to approach the test. I was able to pass the...

Dr. Dee
Preliminary Resident, PM&R
LOR / Residency Placement
September 14, 2018

Wow! Where do I start? I just got offered a residency slot in September 2018 that starts this November 2018. This is amazing! I thought that after July it is near impossible to start training for this year. You mentioned that off-track spots can come up, but now I experienced it firsthand! It is not only that you secured me an interview off-track, but that you already had me set in a place doing research and clinical that is a pre-Match program. I was already proving myself and getting stellar evaluations and preparing myself for a successful pre-Match this December...

Dr. S. Kumar
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Research-to-Residency
April 21, 2018

I would like to write this letter of recommendation for Residents Medical and speak about my journey in reaching my goal.

What a long road! Born in India, I aspired to be a doctor my whole youth. I went to South East University Medical College in China. Having graduated in 2012, I was unable to land a residency for five years. Residents Medical interviewed me and accepted me into their residency placement program. I was given a vigorous pathway to rehabilitate my candidacy. It was not easy, but I had to mitigate my attempts at the USMLE and lack of...

Dr. Shirisha
PGY-1 Resident, General Surgery
LOR / Residency Placement
March 19, 2018

I graduated from the top Caribbean Medical School, St. George School of Medicine. It is not only an academically relevant school of medicine, but it’s also not cheap. Having graduated in 2015 and unable to land a medical residency, after investing six figures on my medical education, I was in a dark place.

From the onset, Residents Medical’s staff had confidence and a plan. My tuition and consulting fees resulted in a formidable, strong CV. I was able to publish papers and research. This Match, I got my Dream Residency, and matched into a Categorical Internal Medicine position. I recommend...

Dr. Sharma
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Research-to-Residency
March 11, 2018

Thank you! Everything you said would happen, did happen. The only prerequisite you put before me was that I had to prove myself. Once I did, the door would open for me. Because of this, I’m writing this letter with great enthusiasm.

I came to Residents Medical as a graduate from St. Martinus University School of Medicine in the Caribbean. Being a 2015 grad, I thought I would have landed a residency right after medical school. Being an IMG with low USMLE scores, I just couldn’t land a residency on my own. Residents Medical came up with a real plan....

Dr. Sarj
PGY-1 Resident, General Surgery
LOR / Research-to-Residency
March 03, 2018

I am a U.S. Graduate that had completed my PGY-1. Due to personal issues, I had no choice but to take a year off. This created obstacles in my PGY-2 hunt. Residents Medical and their attentive team created a pathway to success for me. I was able to complete a research and clinical tenure under the mentorship of the Chairman in a top Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program in New York. After proving myself as an Everest Foundation Research Scholar, I was granted an interview and in March I matched into Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The barriers to entry are...

Dr. Michael
PGY-1 Resident, PM&R
LOR / USMLE 1-on-1
August 23, 2017

I was a nervous wreck because I did not Match. I was approaching four years out of medical school and had a couple of attempts on Step 1 and Step 2 with subsequent low scores when I did pass. Being an American that went to a Caribbean Medical School; AUA, the deck was stacked against me and I was really beginning to worry.

When I came to Residents Medical, they did not sugarcoat how intense of a rehabilitative effort I would need for my candidacy. However, they did assure me that if I stuck with it and excelled wherever they...

Dr. Jayaram
PGY-1 Resident, General Surgery
LOR / Research-to-Residency
August 09, 2017

On one too many nights I was up stressing about: “How am I going to get into Residency?” I mean, with all the competition, I was at wits end. I’m sure I’m one of many, but I had tried everything: the NRMP Match, been offered interviews, but with every opportunity I did not succeed. I was going nowhere fast. When I found Residents Medical I figured it wasn’t real since it was exactly what I was looking for. But I spoke with a guidance counselor who assisted me in charting the best path to my goal. Thankfully RM was able...

Dr. M.M.
PGY-1 Resident, Family Medicine
LOR / Research-to-Residency
December 12, 2016

I would like to express my immense and intense gratitude to Professor Heffernan specifically. His patience, as well as holistic approach in calming me and building my confidence has been a priceless gift.

I came to Residents Medical with high USMLE scores (99 percentile), yet as an FMG it was difficult to obtain a residency position. “As long as I stayed steadfast,” I would have what it takes. My purpose here is to help humanity through medicine. Your staff at RM kept my fire burning.

I gained a plethora of clinical experience and became a successful researcher thanks to the...

Dr. A. M.
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Residency Placement
August 27, 2016

My journey began with Residents Medical through their partnership with United States Medical Management. I was based in India, just graduated medical school and had heard about them from one of my friends that had gone to USMM’s office in Bangalore. I did not have any USMLE exposure and was starting from a clean slate. I knew I wanted to live the “American Dream” and to practice medicine in the U.S.

I was nominated as an Everest Foundation Scholar, and the Everest Foundation facilitated my visa sponsorship in the US. With their help, I was able to make my way...

Dr. B. P.
Residency Placement Candidate
LOR / Research-to-Residency
August 21, 2016

Wow, where do I start? Thank you RM so very much for everything you’ve done. I came to your organization confused and beaten down from being bounced around, one unsuccessful match to the next.

Your whole staff at RM was amazing. Professor Heffernan set me up as an Everest Foundation Research Scholar which helped financially, and then your team went above and beyond to help my CV and overall candidacy.

I remember you telling me from the beginning that the road moving forward would take dedication and hard work…..and that there are no shortcuts to becoming a good candidate. While...

Dr. S. K.
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / USMLE 1-on-1
August 19, 2016

It’s been quite a journey. I remember when I came to RM, we first met at your office. I told you that I wanted to take my Step 2. Your staff encouraged me, even though they were aware of my stage-4 lung cancer. I don’t know how many times you told me that you were enamored by my fighting spirit. It took 3× as long as I thought, but your team never gave up on me! Even after my chemo treatments, when I had “chemo brain” and wanted a tutoring session, you accommodated me and never discouraged me!

Those days,...

Dr. A. G.
USMLE Student
LOR / Residency Placement
August 17, 2016

I am a Canadian that graduated from a top medical school in Bangalore, India. After graduation from medical school, I could not find a residency in Canada or America! Both are super tough countries to get a residency in. A friend of mine that was a Residents Medical student, recommended me to them. I can’t begin to show my gratitude to Residents Medical for educating, preparing and rehabilitating my medical residency candidacy. In addition, I am so grateful to them for sending me to the Everest Foundation and recommending me to be an Everest Foundation Scholar.

The moment I started...

Dr. R. S.
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Research-to-Residency
August 13, 2016

After 2 years of hard work and study, as well as 11 months of great hands-on clinical experience, I achieved very high scores on the USMLE exams. I received about 15 interviews, but unfortunately I didn’t Match. I became desperate. Everyone told me I had to apply to less competitive specialties like Family Medicine and to county hospitals in order to increase my chances. But fortunately a close friend referred me to Residents Medical.

I met their team in person and after speaking with them, I felt that same feeling I had before. They believed in me. They told me...

Dr. A. A.
PGY-1 Resident, Pathology
LOR / USMLE 1-on-1
August 02, 2016

I write this letter of recommendation with great adoration. Simply writing this does not do my gratitude justice. I had been with Residents Medical for almost 2 years. I came here from India, joined Kaplan’s USMLE courses, but wasn’t getting anywhere. After I failed my USMLE Step 2 under Kaplan’s program, I went to Residents Medical’s office and signed up hoping they would take me into their Residency Placement program.

The staff offered me an assessment and a game plan, which saved me from a lot of stress and uncertainty in how to study. I went into their USMLE prep...

Dr. N. B.
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Residency Placement
August 23, 2015

I came to Residents Medical in the throes of the 2014 NRMP SOAP Match. I am an older graduate, yet I had matched into an advanced position on my own (PGY-2). I later was told that I still needed a transitional year PGY-1 spot. After the SOAP match concluded, I realized this was my last opportunity.

When I first walked into RM’s office, I was both excited and nervous. They were very accommodating to my disposition and had patiently counseled me while addressing my concerns. Residents Medical prepared me for an off-cycle, post-SOAP match interview, a PGY-1 Transitional Spot at...

Dr. T. K.
PGY-2 Resident, PM&R
LOR / Interview Prep
August 18, 2015

I would like to recommend Residents Medical’s Preparatory Services and in particular their Interview Preparation course. I was a University of Mississippi School of Medicine student and was applying to residency in the competitive field of Otolaryngology. I needed to brush up on my communication skills most importantly. Residents Medical connected me with a Program Director from a top School of Medicine, to help me with the interview process. We covered a list of questions that- as a P.D.- he was able to ask himself! This provided some eye-opening perspective to my process, to be able to think how the...

Dr. Patel
Interview Prep Student
LOR / Residency Placement
August 17, 2015

I am still in awe of this opportunity you have provided me. As a Foreign Medical Graduate with lower scores on my USMLEs, but a passion to succeed in medicine, I was desperate for an answer. You and your team listened and delivered.

Through endless hours of counseling, guidance and patience, yourself and your staff helped ease my anxiety. The educational courses your organization provided helped strengthen and rehabilitate my candidacy. I was able to prove myself through the fellowship that the Everest Foundation provided me, and last year I matched into a Preliminary PGY-1 in Internal Medicine.

Your ease, concern...

Dr. S. S.
PGY-2 Resident, Internal Medicine
LOR / Speech Pathology
August 09, 2015

I am immensely appreciative of Residents Medical for their guidance and placement services. I was a graduate from one of the best Caribbean schools — St. George’s University School of Medicine. Albeit a longstanding medical school with great faculties, it has a very minimal support system for USMLE Preparation. I realized what I needed was beyond my basic prep, since my accent was also greatly affecting my confidence. Residents Medical was able to tutor me by assigning a speech pathologist to improve all my weak areas of diction.

To help my finances, I was offered a distinct opportunity to be...

Dr. L. Y.
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine