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Help the next generation of doctors.
Earn money with RM’s competitive rates.
Give back to the community and inspire others.

Better than the rest

Better Than the Rest

In order to ensure the best results for our students, we only take tutors who meet specific score standards.

Step 1: 250+
Step 2: 250+

Help is on the way

Help Is on the Way

Save students from countless sleep-deprived study nights by being their source of help during a tough time. What better way to give back to the medical community!

Great tutors. Great Pay!

Great Tutors. Great Pay!

Hey med school students, have some debt to pay off? Or maybe you just need a bit of extra cash? Residents Medical offers generous rates for USMLE tutors. You can make more money with us than any other tutoring service, plus you will be working for the best!

Create your schedule

Create Your Schedule

Have a hectic schedule? Don’t worry, once we connect you with a student to tutor, you can create a personalized schedule that will complement both of your lifestyles.