America’s accredited teaching health system is one of the most prolific and well-oiled machines in the field of medical education state side and globally. The ACGME is an internationally best-known accreditation body, based on its proven record of accomplishment in efficient practices, noted improvements, and overall objective excellence. Residents Medical exports the medical education platform of the ACGME – the de-facto standard of graduate medical education in the U.S. and duplicate this best practices-based system internationally. We prepare the local hospital internationally to succeed in ACGME International accreditation.

Many prestigious ACGME accredited medical residency training programs, being run at ACGME accredited teaching hospitals are the best run. Such hospitals have the overall best health outcomes for its community, and professionals working at these hospitals and programs. ACGME International accredited hospitals are well advanced than their home country hospitals and on the cutting edge of research, clinical advancement, and best health-care practices overall spectrum. There are a handful of countries that have taken advantage of the ACGME International Accreditation program, setting their home country hospitals in a prestigious light by having a world-renowned run ACGME International accredited teaching hospital. An international ACGME Accredited hospital also allows trained doctors at said hospitals to apply for AGCME Accredited Fellowship(s) in America while having completed their residency in their home country. This is a tremendous opportunity for the home country. Overall, an international accredited hospital is a great advancement for the hosting country and health system. We consider the local culture, micro-climate in the filed of medicine and integrate local practices and mindset into solutions where everyone benefits.

We assist our clients throughout every aspect of the process, from end to end by ensuring each international accreditation project is diligently handled on a personalized basis. We strive to bring personnel of highly qualified officials. Our consultancy team consists of the core mission of advancing the American graduate medical education model worldwide for a better synergetic global health system. Our pioneering approach consists of MD’s and Ph.D’s – making our vision a reality as we make sure “doctors are helping doctors”.