Welcome to Residents Medical!

My team at Residents Medical Consultancy are some of the brightest minds in medicine. We believe that lasting improvement comes with innovation and systematic refinement. My group of experts in GME consists of doctors; hence we are “Doctors helping Doctors.”

There is a splendid upside for a hospital to become an ACGME Accredited hospital. Our sphere of influence includes methodical assessment, creation, accreditation, upgrade, review, management, and improvement of residency program(s). We also focus on exporting the American GME system globally. This approach also focuses on improving the U.S. and international government healthcare. We go beyond the consult and stay with you for the journey. RM’s approach is pedigreed and pioneering.

If you are a residency program, hospital, or a government agency that wants core improvement to maximize the potential of your system, RM consultancy dream team is here to help. We have decades of combined experience and believe in the future of medicine via Graduate Medical Education.

Dr. Michael Everest
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Academic Officer

GME Consultancy Dream Team

Dr. Marcos Sanchez

V.P. of Academic Accreditation

Dr. Rahn Bailey

Associate Director & GME Specialist

Dr. Luanda Grazette

Associate ACGME Accreditation Expert

Dr. Raj Ramsamooj

Director of Accreditation Consultancy

Dr. Ernie Yoder

Associate Accreditation Specialist

Prof. Gregory Heffernan

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Joseph F. Lapid, MA, CPA

Associate CMS & Reimbursement Expert