Our core values align with the certainty that the U.S. health system is the best in the world. We share the value of exporting the evidence-based strengths of the American health system globally. A better trained world is a better health outcome for us all. Based on this notion, we see a significant opportunity in international exchange of medical professionals to train health system leaders and front-line workers alike, improving the host country health systems. We are not only making our footprint globally, we are also committed to improvements stateside. We are one of the first to identify a need in the Indian Health Systems (IHS) and have created a systematic approach for the improvement of the systems on a national and local venue.

We are actively expanding the systems-based practice of the U.S. health system to improve healthcare systems in Africa, Asia, Europe, and around the globe. Aside from consulting, we also create opportunities for international M.D.’s by curating a personal pathway for medical school graduates to train at U.S. ACGME accredited programs by creating opportunities in America supported and funded by their international home country government(s).

Through RM’s strategic process of working with governmental leadership, that may translate into a private sector trickle down, RM’s “doctors help doctors” approach leaves the greatest imprint of improvement at any country that takes on the opportunity and helps their country advance. The top down approach has had residual effects ranging from leaderships in medical systems to hospitals where procedures improve. A healthy community starts with an improved foundation in the health system. Our goal is to expect the United States’ gold standard health care systems on a global scale.