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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Residents Medical?

Residents Medical is a guidance, education, preparatory and consulting organization that helps medical students and medical graduates (USMGs, IMGs, FMGs) with preparation and placement into U.S. Residency Programs. We provide a variety of services that help enhance our candidates’ professionalism and competitiveness for residency positions. Our services range from USMLE tutoring, externships, and research fellowship opportunities to residency placement. Our consulting arm helps community-based hospitals, as well as health systems, by providing fiscal growth opportunities that help their local communities. We do this with an end-to-end formula that helps start the hospital’s own ACGME-accredited Residency and/or Fellowship training program.

How can Residents Medical help me get into residency?

Residents Medical offers a variety of programs and pathways that prepare and assist candidates of any background, including U.S. and international medical students and graduates (USMGs, IMGs, FMGs), obtain residency positions in U.S. ACGME accredited residency programs. In part, our affiliation with the Everest Foundation opens up numerous top residency programs across the country, allowing us to provide a quality experience that lays a foundation for our candidates’ professional futures.

What is the process for evaluating a candidate for Residents Medical’s program?

Acceptance into a Residents Medical program is based on an initial interview with one of our highly experienced guidance counselors and Director of Admissions. If accepted into RM, our team of GME experts will develop a path and detailed plan for the candidate to follow based on that student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and experience. All of our programs are designed to provide an optimal path to residency for each candidate.

Are the residency programs accessible to Residents Medical ACGME Accredited Programs?

Yes, every program that Residents Medical utilizes is ACGME approved. 

Do the clinical experiences offered by Residents Medical meet the requirements for ACGME-accredited residency programs?

Yes, we offer fully-insured, hands-on, university-based and preceptor-based rotations and externships that offer both inpatient and outpatient experience in many U.S. states. At least three to six months of U.S. clinical experience is recommended for foreign and international medical graduates. 

Do you help Foreign/International Medical Graduates?

Yes, we help many Foreign (FMG) and International Medical Graduates (IMG) get into residency programs all over the United States. Our services include Visa Assistance, Speech Pathology, US Clinical Experience and much more. We have assisted a great number of students and graduates from Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, European, South and North American, Russian, Asian, and African medical schools.

How much do your services cost?

Tuition and fees for our courses and consulting vary depending on many factors, such as the candidate’s history, visa status, training required, desired specialty and other factors. Residents Medical has many payment options and payment plans available. Pricing for USMLE tutoring can be found here.

What is Residents Medical’s success rate?

Our candidates’ success depends fully on following our directions and their individual performance. Residents Medical is a systems-based organization that holds our candidates accountable to have the discipline to follow their plans of action. Rarely does an RM candidate not achieve residency if they follow directions and stay on course. Send your CV for evaluation to [email protected]