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Dr. A. G.

Letter of Recommendation - 2016


Dear Residents Medical,

It’s been quite a journey for the both of us. I remember when I came to you guys, we first met at your office. I told you that I wanted to take my Step 2. Your staff encouraged me, even though they were aware of my stage-4 lung cancer. I don’t know how many times you told me that you were enamored by my fighting spirit. It took 3× as long as I thought, but your team never gave up on me! Even after my chemo treatments, when I had “chemo brain” and wanted a tutoring session, you accommodated me and never discouraged me!

Those days, I could only concentrate for 20 minutes, yet still you still gave me your helping hand day after day. There is no other USMLE prep program out there like yours! The pedigree of tutors, for instance, Dr. Mehlman, was extremely attentive and knowledgeable.

This past few months, I passed my Step 2 with flying colors, thanks to your team’s professionalism and patience. Most importantly, I am now in remission against all odds, and I thank God. So now as I look forward to your help with residency placement, I just want to thank you all for what you did for me. I will never forget it.


Dr. A. G.
USMLE Student