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Dr. B. P.

Letter of Recommendation - 2016


Dear Potential Candidate:

My journey began with Residents Medical through their partnership with United States Medical Management. I was based in India, just graduated medical school and had heard about them from one of my friends that had gone to USMM’s office in Bangalore. I did not have any USMLE exposure and was starting from a clean slate. I knew I wanted to live the “American Dream” and to practice medicine in the U.S.

I was nominated as an Everest Foundation Scholar, and the Everest Foundation facilitated my visa sponsorship in the US. With their help, I was able to make my way to New York.
I am now doing research at a top residency-based medical center, getting paid a salary and preparing for my USMLE’s. I anticipate a smooth ride, as I am utilizing RM’s education and preparatory programs. I am presiding over cutting-edge research, taking speech pathology courses and strengthening my CV.

I am in the heart of the great city of NY, being mentored by the Program Director!
It is all so amazing. After I complete my exams with RM’s USMLE preparation, I will apply through the Match and hopefully prove my worth, both subjectively and objectively.
I can attest that this is a vital program to help meet the needs of international and foreign graduates. I can’t wait to achieve residency. I thank RM for this wonderful opportunity, and recommend Residents Medical to anyone interested in a better chance at residency.


Dr. B. P.
Residents Medical Residency Placement Candidate-Y1