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Dr. Michael H

Letter of Recommendation


To Whom It May Concern,

I am a U.S. Graduate that had completed my PGY-1. Due to personal issues, I had no choice but to take a year off. This created obstacles in my PGY-2 hunt. Residents Medical and their attentive team created a pathway to success for me. I was able to complete a research and clinical tenure under the mentorship of the Chairman in a top Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program in New York. After proving myself as an Everest Foundation Research Scholar, I was granted an interview and in March I matched into Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The barriers to entry are so difficult, but Residents Medical provided a seamless formula. This was a feat I could not have accomplished without Residents Medical. Thank you for helping me, I can now live my dream as a professional in medicine. I recommend Residents Medical 100% It’s so worth it!


Dr. Michael H.

PGY-2 Resident, PM & R