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Dr. M.M.

Letter of Recommendation - 2017


To Whom it May Concern,

On one too many nights I was up stressing about: “How am I going to get into Residency?”. I mean, with all the competition, I was at wits end. I’m sure I’m one of many, but I had tried everything: the NRMP Match, been offered interviews, but with every opportunity I did not succeed. I was going nowhere fast. When I found Residents Medical I figured it wasn’t real since it was exactly what I was looking for. But I spoke with a guidance counselor who assisted me in charting the best path to my goal. Thankfully RM was able to deal with me! I’m sure I was a bag of emotions at the time.

I first signed up for the ‘Research-to-Residency’ pathway. I eventually was tenured an Everest Foundation Research Scholar at the Everest Foundation which was a godsend. Through this, I was given the opportunity to interview at a top University-based SOM on the East coast.

This past month I was awarded a total of three 1st Place prizes for my Poster Presentation at the Geriatric Association‘s Conference. I am a bona fide researcher helping find answers that are only found through real medical research. All the while, preparing for residency and working with the leaders at the GME program.

I matched in 2017, at a top university-based residency training program with Residents Medical’s ‘Research-to-Residency’ pathway program. I recommend this pathway without any reservations. It has worked seamlessly and I am now excited for my future!

Best regards,

Dr. M.M.
PGY-1 Family Medicine Resident