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Dr. Patel

Letter of Recommendation - 2015

August 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recommend Residents Medical’s Preparatory Services and in particular their Interview Preparation course. I was a University of
Mississippi School of Medicine student and was applying to residency in the competitive field of Otolaryngology. I needed to brush up on my
communication skills most importantly. Residents Medical connected me with a Program Director from a top School of Medicine, to help me with the interview process. We covered a list of questions that- as a P.D.- he was able to ask himself! This provided some eye-opening perspective to my process, to be able to think how the interviewer thinks.

We built up my confidence through informational and Q&A sessions. This service and the preparation helped me ace all of my interviews and I ended up matching into a great program.

I highly recommend Interview Prep, depending on your needs. For me, it helped greatly.


Dr. Patel
Interview Prep Student