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Dr. Preeth Jayaram

Letter of Recommendation - 2017


Dear Prospective Doctor,

I was a nervous wreck because I did not match. I was approaching four years out of medical school and had a couple of attempts on Step 1 and Step 2 with subsequent low scores when I did pass. Being an American that went to a Caribbean Medical School; AUA, the deck was stacked against me and I was really beginning to worry.
When I came to Residents Medical, they did not sugarcoat how intense of a rehabilitative effort I would need for my candidacy. However, they did assure me that if I stuck with it and excelled wherever they sent me, I had the best chance of achieving my alluding medical residency. I was skeptical but they were all I had. I know my passion to practice medicine and was sick and tired of being judged basically only on my USMLE scores. I was ready and determined. This was my last hurrah!
After my commitment, I was offered a tenure as an Everest Foundation Scholar and interviewed at Keck School of Medicine at USC for a research position. Needless to say, I was bewildered with amazement at the amazing experience at Keck and how my CV was restructured. I was under a top PI. After working hard and submitting papers to esteemed journals, I then was sent to build up my U.S. clinical experience. This too was at a top teaching hospital, where I got better experience and hands on experience than I did during my med school rotations. RM then prepared me with a one on one tutelage for my step 3.

This was a wonderful experience, as my tutor was first class. I passed my step 3 the first time I took it. I had never achieved a first attempt passing on my previous boards and I connect this to RM’s strong USMLE program. I was then told to take the ITE exam given to first year residents in IM. This was an innovative approach and really helped counteract my USMLE weak points. I ended up getting a 62% on my ITE! This means I was in the top 5% and that really gave me confidence.
All of these holistic approaches rehabilitated my candidacy. So when match day came around and I did not match into the programs that RM helped facilitate my interviews at, I was a wreck. Although this was tough, I was assured to not give up. RM doesn’t take shortcuts and it’s a process. They helped me through SOAP and through The Everest Foundation to land an interview in SOAP. I ended up matching in SOAP at a university program. The P.D. that interviewed me was impressed by my persistence and efforts but especially by my research that I did at Keck and my ITE score. I cannot explain how grateful I am to RM. If you need help and are willing to work hard, go with Residents Medical. I am a living, breathing example of what RM can accomplish for their candidates.

Very truly,

Dr. Preeth Jayaram
PGY-1 General Surgery Resident