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Dr. R. S.

Letter of Recommendation - 2016


Dear Future Student/Candidate:

I can’t begin to show my gratitude to Residents Medical for educating, preparing and rehabilitating my medical residency candidacy. In addition, I am so grateful to them for sending me to the Everest Foundation and recommending me to be an Everest Foundation Scholar. I am a Canadian that graduated from a top medical school in Bangalore, India. After graduation from medical school, I could not find a residency in Canada or America! Both are super tough countries to get a residency in. A friend of mine that was a Residents Medical student, recommended me to them.

The moment I started my journey with RM, their support and patience was key to handling my panic moments as I would constantly call and email them. The President of the company, the V.P., and my Guidance Counselor have all been my anchors. RM helped me with my USMLE Step 3 tutoring and also placed me in a research position at the prestigious Ichan School of Medicine under the department of Internal Medicine. They also gave me interview prep and externship opportunities, basically to make me a desirable candidate.

This past match I interviewed at three programs thanks to RM. In the match, I did not match but Residents Medical calmed me and I trusted them. Two days later out of 1000 candidates, they helped me effectuate my SOAP match! Day and night they seemed to work for me.

I felt like giving up but they did not give up on me. I am going to a top university based Internal Medicine program this July. I am so happy and so grateful to the whole staff, at RM, especially Prof. Heffernan. Reflecting back, when I started this journey I couldn’t get a program to look at my CV. Now I am a published author, esteemed researcher and now going into residency. Even when I almost gave up, Residents Medical came through!

Do I recommend Residents Medical? Having read my testimonial, wouldn’t you? I not only recommend them, I would sing their praises every moment I can!


Dr. R. S.
PGY-1 Internal Medicine Resident

PS: I also was an Everest Foundation Scholar of the year, had my picture in newspapers and really built my career through RM!