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Letter of Recommendation - 2015

August 2015

Dear Professor Heffernan,

I am still in awe of this opportunity you have provided me. I, with great respect and
resolute, write this letter of recommendation and appreciation of Residents Medical. As a Foreign Medical Graduate with lower scores on my USMLEs, but a passion to succeed in medicine, I was desperate for an answer. You and your team listened and delivered.

Through endless hours of counseling, guidance and patience, yourself and your staff helped ease my anxiety. The educational courses your organization provided helped strengthen and rehabilitate my candidacy. I was able to prove myself through the fellowship that the Everest Foundation provided me, and last year I matched into a Preliminary PGY-1 in Internal Medicine.

Your ease, concern and personal attention helped me when I was at a vulnerable time in my career. Now I feel confident to complete my prelim this July 2016 and start my PGY-2 shortly thereafter. Just acquiring the PGY-2 was a surprise in itself. You guys went above and beyond to help me find a PGY-2 though you were not obligated. I fully recommend Residents
Medical to any candidate that has the patience, dedication and desire to be better than they are.

Best Regards,

PGY-2 Internal Medicine Resident