Our 48-Weeks Full Rotation Programs help IMGs and FMGs seamlessly transition to the U.S. health system. Experience in a U.S. medical field prior to applying for residency is mandatory to be considered for U.S. residency. The amount of experience a candidate has in the U.S. health system can greatly strengthen a candidate’s CV and help prove themselves to Program Directors.

We use our exclusive network of hospitals, residency programs, and universities to home in on a candidate’s experience and requirements of their medical school to find their best fit rotation program. Additionally, our Residency Dream Team™ aims to find programs that geographically and financially work best for the candidate

Our pathways are ACGME Accredited and provide 48 weeks of hands-on experience in the specified medical field. This program is primarily created for candidates that wish to complete their internship year of training in the U.S. rather than in abroad. RM handles all aspects of the program, including obtaining waiver letters and other bureaucratic paperwork.

We have helped medical graduates from India, Pakistan, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Europe, and all over North and South American achieve their Dream Residencies through utilizing the 48-Week Rotations Program.

Residents Medical is an educational organization that helps medical graduates from around the world with preparation, education, and placement into U.S. Residency Fellowship Programs. We provide a variety of programs that help enhance our candidates’ professionalism and competitiveness for residency positions. Our programs range from USMLE tutoring, hands-on externships, university-based rotations, and research fellowship opportunities to residency placement.

Residents Medical offers a variety of pathways that prepare and assist admitted candidates obtain residency positions in U.S. ACGME accredited residency programs. In part, our affiliation with The Everest Foundation opens up numerous opportunities at top residency programs across the country, allowing us to provide a quality experience that lays a foundation for our candidates’ professional futures.

Acceptance into a Residents Medical program is a systems-based process including interviews with one of our highly experienced Residency Specialists and Director of Admissions. If accepted, our team of GME experts will develop a path and detailed plan for the candidate to follow based on that candidate’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and experience. All our programs are designed to provide an optimal path to residency for each candidate.

Yes, every program that Residents Medical utilizes is ACGME approved.

Yes, we offer fully insured, hands-on, university-based and preceptor-based rotations and externships. Our USCE is unique in that it is based in teaching hospitals.

Residents Medical specializes in helping many Foreign (FMG) and International Medical Graduates (IMG) get into residency programs all over the United States. Our programs include Visa Assistance, Speech Pathology, US Clinical Experience and much more. We have assisted a great number of students and graduates from Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, European, South and North American, Russian, Asian, and African medical schools.

Tuition and fees for our courses and consulting vary depending on many factors, such as the candidate’s history, visa status, training required, desired specialty and other factors. Residents Medical has many payment options and payment plans available.

Our candidates’ success depends fully on following our directions and their individual performance. Residents Medical is a systems-based organization that holds our candidates accountable to have the discipline to follow their plans of action. Rarely does a Residents Medical candidate fail to achieve residency if they stay on course. Interested in applying?

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Working alongside a team of PhDs from the UCLA Department of Statistics, Residents Medical has created a matching probability calculator by compiling objective data. Our goal is to provide innovative tools to help residency candidates assess their candidacy for U.S. Medical Residency.

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