Our 48-Weeks Full Rotation Programs help IMGs and FMGs seamlessly transition to the U.S. health system. Experience in a U.S. medical field prior to applying for residency is mandatory to be considered for U.S. residency. The amount of experience you have in the U.S. health system can greatly strengthen a your CV and help you prove yourself to program directors.

We use our exclusive network of hospitals, residency programs, and universities to home in on a candidate’s experience and requirements of their medical school to find their best fit rotation program. Additionally, our Residency Dream Team™ aims to find programs that geographically and financially work best for the candidate

Our pathways are ACGME Accredited and provide 48 weeks of hands-on experience in the specified medical field. This program is primarily created for candidates that wish to complete their internship year of training in the U.S. rather than in abroad. We handle all aspects of the program, including obtaining waiver letters and other bureaucratic paperwork.

We have helped medical graduates from India, Pakistan, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Europe, and all over North and South American achieve their Dream Residencies through utilizing the 48-Week Rotations Program.