Individualized tutoring is the most effective way of preparing for your USMLE(s). Unfortunately, not all schools have the same approach to USMLE preparation, or may not have as strong of a curriculum. This creates a problem for many students and graduates. It is important to start working with a tutor on an individual plan that is based on an assessment of your baseline as early as possible and get on the right track immediately. We have a proprietary system to help you score your highest.

Program Details


Free Assessment


1-on-1 intimate learning environment


Sessions done through preferable video interface


Preceptors with experience scoring 250+ on Step 1 & Step 2 Exams, 225+ on Step 3 exams


Tutors sourced from top-tier medical schools


Personalized study strategy developed based off your strengths, weaknesses and objectives


Tutor will create custom study schedule based off your availability