How you present your experience, skills and achievements on paper is extremely important when being considered for residency, as your CV and personal statement (PS) are your first impression. This is especially important for FMGs and IMGs who need to effectively showcase their unique talents and stand out when competing against other applicants. A strong PS must be concise, yet attract the attention of the reader in the first 10 seconds of reading it. This is the reader’s first impression of you and, along with your CV, is a largely important mitigating factor when considered for an interview. Your CV is your gateway to pique the program’s interest; your CV should show professionalism, communication skills, and distinction.

Program Details


Unlimited revisions


Only work on existing drafts of CV


CV reviewed and edited by former PD and current Dean


Review and provide recommendations to fix weaknesses


Highlight your strongest achievements related to your specialty


Personal Statement read and edited by PD/Dean/Chief Resident