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Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team™ has been configured to help U.S. Grads, International Medical Graduates, and Foreign Medical Graduates.  Those that are desirous of attaining an ACGME Accredited Medical Residency in any specialty from Anesthesiology to Urology, are welcome to tap into our talented pool. There are thousands upon thousands more applicants than there are residency positions year after year, and this is compounded, annually. There is a “residency bottleneck” of epidemic proportions happening in Graduate Medical Education. The best chance to distinguish your candidacy from the nearly tens of thousands of global applicants vying for these prized spots is utilizing Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team™. We put you on a pathway to success. If you are overwhelmed or have been rejected, you know how it feels, and it is not a good place to be. Our roster achieves their Dream Residency, which is the bottom line.  Are You Next?™

Professor Marcos Sánchez, MD, PhD

Director of GME Development and Student Education

Professor Sánchez is an esteemed and experienced physician/scientist, along with being a prolific researcher with over 180 scientific abstracts, papers, and presentations. He is the quintessential example of an International Medical Graduate making the most of his opportunities to excel in the U.S. He received his Medical Degree from the University Iberoamericana, Dominican Republic, a Ph.D. from Florida State University, and an MBA from Broward College. In his prior work, he was in charge of one of the largest DO residency programs in America, which constituted 30 specialties with over 300 residents. He ensured development, operational effectiveness, and well-rounded research and medicine training for all residents. With his plethora of experience, Professor Sánchez is able to identify and develop new medical residency programs at existing hospitals for ACGME Accreditation with Residents Medical.

Furthermore, Dr. Sánchez’s proven talent with medical residents shines in his work with our candidates. He is in charge of creating a new educational and preparatory curriculum for RM, as well as mentor candidates during their path towards residency positions. Since he has a unique understanding of the struggle medical students and graduates face, he knows how to effectively develops each trainee into confident candidates ready for the rigors of the field. His caring passion and determination encourage our candidates to take the extra steps needed to pursue their Dream Residencies™.

Along with Residents Medical, Dr.Sánchez is a current Adjunct professor at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds committee seats in many institutions. He continues to impress the RM team and our candidates with his industriousness, and we are confident that he will continue to inspire others as part of our Residency Dream Team™.

K. Kamal Mohiuddin, MD

Director, Candidate Admissions and Guidance

As an alumnus of our Research to Residency Placement service, Dr. K. Kamal Mohiuddin is the exemplary success story of Residents Medical, serving as a reminder to why we are so passionate about helping future doctors achieve their Dream Residencies. He is a California native who obtained his medical degree from the American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine. Having proven himself as a well-respected researcher at Moorhouse College of Medicine and HCA Memorial Family Medicine, he built a portfolio of multiple publications. When faced with a disappointing Match year, he was referred to Residents Medical, and his trajectory changed. Under the guidance of Residents Medical’s personalized Roadmap to Residency pathway, Dr. Kamal’s diligent work ethic rewarded him as a Post Graduate Year One Resident Physician in a prestigious ACGME Accredited program. Furthermore, his perseverance made him a valuable asset at every clinical, tutorial, and research tenure Residents Medical set up for him to attend. After mentoring at Georgia’s GME department, Dr. Kamal was offered an interview and eventually Matched into the Family Medicine program.

Now, Dr. Kamal gives back to the students and candidates who find themselves in his previous situation. As the frontline of our admissions and acceptance committee, he mentors and guides new candidates with empathy and professionalism. He has been noted to mentor with the concern and cares essentially to maintaining confidence within struggling candidates. Recognizing his gifts of academic medicine, he has expanded his dream to include becoming a Professor of Medicine in order to continue his passion with Graduate Medical Education.

Dr. Kamal stands as a living testimony to the success of Residents Medical, assuring our prospective candidates that the goal of Dream Residency can become reality through our effective approach to Graduate Medical Education. We are thrilled to have him as an integral part of our Residency Dream Team™.

Sheila Aula, BA

Senior Guidance Counselor

Ms. Sheila Aula holds a degree in Global Health with a concentration in Business Management from Arizona State University. She has been part of the infrastructure of Residents Medical for many years, bringing knowledge and empathy that RM candidates aspire for themselves. She takes on a plethora of roles within Residents Medical. She advises and monitors the development, education, preparatory, and placement plans of our students and candidates, constantly juggling many moving parts so others are successful. Confident in her effective methods for success in residency placement, she harps on accountability and following the proven systems to ensure favorable outcomes for the candidates. She is a team leader and encourager who continually implements innovative ideas and strategies to improve Residents Medical. Moreover, Ms. Aula also works hand-in-hand with the Principals at The Everest Foundation to help RM candidates, once prepared, land in an appropriately matched position to prove their abilities for medical residencies. She is a central figure in Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team™ who we are privileged to have on our staff.

Dr. Syed Uzair, MD

Guidance Counselor

Dr. Syed is beloved and respected by his cohorts and all of Residents Medical's candidates. He graduated medical school from Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, and before starting residency in July, has joined the RM team as one of our dedicated guidance counselors. He mentors, counsels, guides, and prepares our candidates in each pathway to their post graduate goals. He brings first-hand knowledge of the struggles that IMGs and FMGs face and reassures them with empathy and temperament that their Dream Residencies are attainable goals. Dr. Syed is a valuable asset who is well-rounded in the field, and we are grateful to have his talents as part of our Residency Dream Team™.

Miriam MacĂ­as, JD

Contract Procurement & Compliance Manager

Miriam Macías holds a degree in finance from San Diego State University, along with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in law. Her extensive knowledge comes from a lifetime of work in various sectors of law, enhancing her acumen in her roles at Residents Medical. As the administrative leadership of the company, she works directly with the logistical procedures of students, candidates, and programs, alike, as well as assisting Residents Medical candidates who are nominated as Everest Foundation Scholars. Additionally, she is an integral part of counseling and guiding RM students and candidates as they navigate the pathway to successful ACGME Accredited medical residency programs. Her husband, Dr. Macías, is an accomplished MD, so she understands the internal pressures and emotions that come from building a family of medicine. Her professional, educated, caring and nurturing personality makes her a favorite with our candidates and auxiliary staff alike. Her dedication to the growth of Residents Medical as a company, as well as the growth of all the candidates we support, displays her admirable character and essential role in our Residency Dream Team™.

Christopher Schulte, MFA

Interview Prep & Communication Specialist

Mr. Chris Schulte, Residents Medical’s Interview Prep and Communication Specialist, holds a Master’s Degree from the University of California - San Diego. Prior and during his work with Residents Medical, he has been an outstanding educator in English Literature and Public Speaking at UCLA, receiving an award of distinction that the university brazens upon 0.05% of its staff.

At Residents Medical, Mr. Schulte prepares RM candidates for their research tenures and medical residency position interviews for years. His skills in oration, confidence, effective communication and self-presentation has only brought success for our candidates. He thrives in extracting the public speaking abilities from all his students and utilizes the help of our Speech Pathology experts if assistance is needed for accent reduction or enunciation corrections. With his charisma and passion for communication, our candidates distinguish themselves from other competitors during and beyond the interview process. Mr. Schulte is a key component in strengthening candidates holistically, making him a valuable member of the Residency Dream Team™.