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Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team™ has been configured to help U.S. Grads, International Medical Graduates, and Foreign Medical Graduates.  Those that are desirous of attaining an ACGME Accredited Medical Residency in any specialty from Anesthesiology to Urology, are welcome to tap into our talented pool. There are thousands upon thousands more applicants than there are residency positions year after year, and this is compounded, annually. There is a “residency bottleneck” of epidemic proportions happening in Graduate Medical Education. The best chance to distinguish your candidacy from the nearly tens of thousands of global applicants vying for these prized spots is utilizing Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team™. We put you on a pathway to success. If you are overwhelmed or have been rejected, you know how it feels, and it is not a good place to be. Our roster achieves their Dream Residency, which is the bottom line.  Are You Next?™

Michael Mehlman, MD, part of the Residents Medical Residency Dream Team

Michael Mehlman, MD, Ph.D., MPhil

Founding Developer Of USMLE Tutoring Strategies

Dr. Mehlman is an Australian medical school graduate. He is a distinguished physician/scientist. He scored in the 260s on Steps 1 and 2 CK and has authoring/editing experience working with First Aid for the textbook Step 1 for the USMLE, the question bank Qmax, and the slide series Express. Dr. Mehlman loves teaching students around the world preparation tactics for the USMLEs and has an exceptional insight into tutoring exactly what needs to be known for the exams, as well as developing the perfect study schedule, no matter how far you are from your test. As part of the Residency Dream Team™, he helps develop the tutelage curriculum for tutors that work for Residents Medical. Dr. Mehlman is an integral part of USMLE preparation in the medical community, and Residents Medical is fortunate to have his exclusivity.

Dr. Sanchez: dream team

Professor Marcos Sánchez, MD, PhD

Director of GME Development and Student Education

Professor Sánchez is a distinguished and experienced Physician/Scientist and a prolific researcher with over 90 publications. At Residents Medical, he is part of our Residency Dream Team™ for both the GME programs and RM’s individual students and candidates. Dr. Sanchez is the quintessential example of how an International Medical Graduate has every opportunity to excel in the US. He has a dualistic goal at Residents Medical; he helps identify and develop new medical residency programs at existing hospitals for ACGME Accreditation. Residents Medical's main focus is to identify community-based hospitals in vulnerable and rural populations and groom them into top-notch teaching hospitals. He brings a plethora of experience, as he was in charge of one of the largest DO residency programs in America with over 30 specialties and 300+ residents.  He ensured development, operational effectiveness, and helped train residents both in research and medicine.

Dr. Sanchez brings his decades-long experience with him as he helps individual students and candidates at Residents Medical develop into a much more sought-after candidate. He is in charge of creating a new educational and preparatory curriculum for RM and helps mentor candidates along their way to achieving a residency spot. He has years of experience taking trainees under his wing and groom them into confident candidates. He has a unique understanding of the struggle medical students and medical graduates face in achieving residency. He has been part of a yearly production of over 180 scientific abstracts, papers, and presentations, that helped foster the careers of many candidates for medical residency. In his vast experience, he has helped place many residency candidates into their Dream Residency. As an integral part of Residents Medical's Residency Dream Team™, he brings the acumen, astuteness, and caring passion that ensures each and everyone or candidates that are under his mentorship will be prepared not only for residency but an exceptional career in medicine. He is a current Adjunct professor at Lake Eerie College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds committee seats in many institutions. Prof. Sanchez received his Medical Degree from University Iberoamericana, Dominican Republic and his Ph.D. from Florida State University as well as an MBA from Broward College. In his own words "My mission is to develop graduate medical education programs and residency candidates of the highest excellence." Are You Next?™

Miriam Macías, JD, part of the Residents Medical Residency Dream Team

Miriam Macías, JD

Contract Procurement & Compliance Manager

Miriam Macías is a part of Resident Medical's outstanding Residency Dream Team. She holds a degree in finance from San Diego State University along with a Jurist Doctor (J.D.) degree in law, her doctorate in law is the highest degree one can accomplish in the field. Dr. Macias’s extensive knowledge comes from a lifetime of work in various sectors that enhance her acumen in Contracts and Compliance related roles at Residents Medical. She also is an integral part of counseling and guiding RM's students and candidates navigate the pathway to a successful ACGME Accredited medical residency. Dr. Macias' husband is an accomplished MD, so she brings the feeling and inside track that comes from a family of medicine. As the administrative leadership at Residents Medical, she works for hand in hand with students, candidates, and programs, alike along with assisting Residents Medical candidates that are nominated as Everest Foundation Scholars. Her professional, educated, caring and nurturing personality makes her a favorite with our candidates and auxiliary staff alike. In her free time, Dr. Macias enjoys spending time with her young family doing various activities, both indoor and outdoor and is active in her local church.

Sheila Aula, part of the Residents Medical Residency Dream Team

Sheila Aula, BA

Senior Guidance Counselor

Ms. Sheila Aula is Senior Guidance Counselor at Residents Medical and a central figure in Residents Medical's Residency Dream Team. She holds a degree in Global Health with a concentration in Business Management from Arizona State University. Ms. Aula has been part of the infrastructure of Residents Medical, for many years and brings an acumen and empathy that Residents Medical candidates are drawn too. As she advises and monitors the development, education, preparatory and placement plans of Residents Medical students and candidates, she is constantly working with many moving parts so that the student and candidate are successful. She harps on accountability and Residents Medical's following systems- based practices so that the students and candidates at Residents Medical may have favorable outcomes. She is a team leader and encourager, who wears many hats in the implementation of various innovative initiatives and ideas that are constantly being developed at Residents Medical. As the glue of Residents Medical's Residency Dream Team, she is constantly navigating the complexity of implementation of pathways for RM's candidates. She not only manages the in-house and auxiliary global staff at Residents Medical but also works hand in hand with the Principals at The Everest Foundation to help ensure that Residents Medical's candidates once prepared, can land in an appropriately matched position to prove their ability for medical residency. She has mentored a plethora of success stories at Residents Medical.

Ms. Aula is also well rounded as a skilled talent in Performance Arts, with a background in Classical Indian Dance. She is also a renowned fitness Instructor and a health enthusiast. Ms. Aula is also, constantly volunteering her time for various humanitarian organizations such as Breast Cancer awareness.

Christopher Schulte, MFA

Interview Prep & Communication Specialist

Mr. Chris Schulte is Residents Medical’s Interview Prep and Communication Specialist. Mr. Schulte holds a Master’s Degree from the University of California, San Diego. He has been an outstanding educator at UCLA, receiving an award of distinction that UCLA brazens upon only one half of one percent if its staff. Mr. Schulte has taught English Literature, and Public Speaking for over 25 years.

Mr. Schulte has been an integral part of the preparatory arm of Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team. He has prepared Residents Medical candidates for their, research tenure and medical residency position interview(s) for years. The interview is the win or loses the moment for the candidate. From the time a candidate walks into leaving, The Resident Acceptance Committee of a residency program is assessing whether they want to have the interviewee part of their physician training team for years to come. His skill in oration, confidence, effective communication, presenting one's self, and messaging of thoughts has brought successful results for our candidates. Many times, some of the most accomplished Physicians, from top US Medical Schools and International Medical Schools alike lack the communication skills and presentation ability. This is where Residents Medical's Interview prep and communications improvement courses come in. Proficiency is paramount in ACGME’s Six Core Competency, in which all interviewees and current residents are graded annually have communication in their mandated outcomes. Patient Communication, Peer to Peer Communication, Scholarly Communication are part of the 6 core competency components in the ACGME requirements that Residents must convey successfully. All interviewees are rated on these skill sets.

Mr. Schulte extracts the ability out of each of Residents Medical candidates. If new talents need to be created, then he utilizes the help of Residents Medical’s Speech Pathology experts that assist with accent reduction and enunciation issues. To learn great communication skills is very important and with the revamping of the curriculum in Graduate Medical Education, communication has become very important. To be successful in an interview, our candidates distinguish themselves, by having Mr. Schulte assist them in their communication needs. Residents Medical believes in strengthening the whole candidate in a holistic way, and Mr. Schulte is a key component in that puzzle, as part of Residents Medical’s Residency Dream Team, he has been part of our candidates able to achieve their Dream Residency. Are you next?