Syed Uzair, M.D.

Senior Residency Specialist

Dr. Syed carries firsthand knowledge about the struggles IMGs and FMGs face. A graduate of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, he is a beloved mentor who counsels, guides, and prepares our candidates in each pathway to their post graduate goals. His ability to reassure medical graduates and encourage that their Dream Residencies are attainable goals makes him an integral part of the Dream Team™.

Prof. Marcos Sánchez, M.D., PhD

Director of GME Development & Student Education

Prof. Gregory Heffernan

Vice President of Academic Affairs

K. Kamal Mohiuddin, M.D.

Director of Candidate Admissions & Guidance

Syed Uzair, M.D.

Senior Residency Specialist

Sheila Aula, B.A.

Senior Residency Specialist

Miriam Macías, J.D.

Contract Procurement & Compliance Manager

Christopher Schulte, MFA

Interview Prep & Communication Specialist

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