LOR / Residency Placement
September 14, 2018

Wow! Where do I start? I just got offered a residency slot in September 2018 that starts this November 2018. This is amazing! I thought that after July it is near impossible to start training for this year. You mentioned that off-track spots can come up, but now I experienced it firsthand! It is not only that you secured me an interview off-track, but that you already had me set in a place doing research and clinical that is a pre-Match program. I was already proving myself and getting stellar evaluations and preparing myself for a successful pre-Match this December for July 2019. Thanks to RM I now saved a valuable year and am starting in Residency in 2018.

What a departure this is from the year-in year-out struggles I had as an IMG. Rejected and unable to match, I had almost given up. Although I had good USMLE scores with no attempts, it was still so competitive. Too many applicants! You strengthened me, and my guidance counselor Ms. Aula was available at all times. Your entire team worked tirelessly for me. I just want to thank you, and I recommend Residents Medical to any medical school graduate that is tired of wasting time and is ready to succeed in their GME training.

Very truly yours,

Dr. S. Kumar
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine