LOR / Residency Placement
March 19, 2018

I graduated from the top Caribbean Medical School, St. George School of Medicine. It is not only an academically relevant school of medicine, but it’s also not cheap. Having graduated in 2015 and unable to land a medical residency, after investing six figures on my medical education, I was in a dark place.

From the onset, Residents Medical’s staff had confidence and a plan. My tuition and consulting fees resulted in a formidable, strong CV. I was able to publish papers and research. This Match, I got my Dream Residency, and matched into a Categorical Internal Medicine position. I recommend Residents Medical, as I’m now able to work in a profession that gives back to the community. Instead of fretting over the money I spent on my education, I’m writing the praises of the money I spent on my Graduate Medical Education with Residents Medical. I am now an ACGME Accredited Matched PGY-1 Internal Medicine Resident, ready for an exciting career.

Best Regards,

Dr. Sharma
PGY-1 Resident, Internal Medicine