LOR / Research-to-Residency
April 21, 2018

I would like to write this letter of recommendation for Residents Medical and speak about my journey in reaching my goal.

What a long road! Born in India, I aspired to be a doctor my whole youth. I went to South East University Medical College in China. Having graduated in 2012, I was unable to land a residency for five years. Residents Medical interviewed me and accepted me into their residency placement program. I was given a vigorous pathway to rehabilitate my candidacy. It was not easy, but I had to mitigate my attempts at the USMLE and lack of US Clinical Experience. Residents Medical helped me with that. They placed me on a clinical and research pathway, strengthening my candidacy. I worked with residents and decision makers.

After having proved myself, I interviewed, but unfortunately still did not Match in the main Match. I was devastated. But Residents Medical told me to hang in there, that I had made an impression and they would help find me a spot. Well, Residents Medical did find me a position, I landed my PGY-1 in SOAP! All the education and preparatory things Residents Medical had me do paid off. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Residents Medical. I am now going to start my residency in July 2018. I got accepted into a top University-Based Teaching Hospital Program. I recommend Residents Medical to any FMG like me who thought landing a residency in the United States was impossible.


Dr. Shirisha
PGY-1 Resident, General Surgery