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48-Weeks Full Rotation

Remaining true to our Maxim of “Pioneering Medical Education, Globally,” Residents Medical presents its newest education route: 48-Weeks Full Rotations.  The following countries we shine a spotlight on as we frequently help IMG’s and FMGs transition from these countries to the United States to achieve their Dream Residency.


Residents Medical continues to help numerous medical students and graduates from Indian medical schools complete their compulsory one-year post-graduate training requisite in the form of our 48-weeks rotations training. Whether you are an IMG or FMG from an Indian medical school, RM provides a turn key approach from A-Z, including dealing with the bureaucracy, enabling you to do your rotations at top U.S. teaching hospitals. You will gain the exposure and experience and position yourself for your Dream Residency in America.



Pakistan has great medical schools, but FMGs and IMGs from the region are unable to secure U.S.-based clinical rotations. Residents Medical is pioneering the way and helps many of its cohorts that are from Pakistan with its 48-weeks rotations program. Get prized rotations to open the door to medical residency in the U.S.  A full year of rotations on your CV is imperative if you want to be taken seriously as a residency candidate so you can achieve your Dream Residency in America.



Many of our students/candidates from Asian medical schools have completed our 48-weeks rotations program. Whether you are an IMG or FMG from Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, or any other country in Asia, you will only be taken seriously as a residency candidate if you have rotations from top teaching hospitals in America on your CV. Residents Medical has the prized rotations unavailable to FMGs and IMGs from Asian medical schools. We are your gateway to U.S. medial rotations that lead to your Dream Residency to America. 



Residents Medical has helped many graduates from Russian medical schools obtain residency in America. Residents Medical opens an exclusive avenue of exposure to cohorts from the region blending an IMG or FMG into teaching hospitals via our 48-weeks rotations educational course. Students come from around the world to study at Russian medical schools. For the student or graduate that wishes to do their residency in America, Resident Medical’s 48-weeks rotations is the best segue to achieve your Dream Residency in America.



Many of our successful residency placement candidates have originated from medical schools in the Arab League of Nations aka the Middle-East. In order to distinguish your candidacy for residency and to show your assimilation into the American GME culture it is advised that you complete our 48-weeks rotations program, proving yourself a stronger candidate. Getting your foot in the door early is important. Our Middle-East footprint is growing, whether you are an individual student/graduate or a medical school, we can help you attain top U.S. based medical rotations, creating the opportunity. We are the organization that is geared with the infrastructure to help you achieve your rotations and ultimately, your Dream Residency.



Medical Schools in the Caribbean have been sprouting up like resorts. Many of these medical schools offer sub-par off-the-grid rotations for their US bound students. Many are non-ACGME Green Book rotations. Residents Medical continues to help a plethora of Caribbean IMGs and FMGs with its 48-weeks rotations program. These are Green Book top teaching hospital university-based rotations. In order for your candidacy for residency to stand out, proper rotations are a must. If your end goal result is the achieve your Dream Residency in America, this initiative is the pathway to distinguishing your application for residency.



Medical schools in Europe have seen a surge of medical students that originate from America. Many FMGs also want to end up practicing in the states. It starts with top medical school rotations in America. Eastern Europe in particular has an influx of IMGs and FMGs wanting to come to America for their residency but cannot effectuate good rotations, hindering their chances. We have assisted these cohorts that come to us from all over Europe with our 48-weeks rotations pathway, leading to their Dream Residency



Canada has a limited number of medical schools, medical rotations and residency slots. Year after year Residents Medical is successfully helping these cohorts with placement into rotations and residency. Our 48-weeks rotations pathway is the way to integrate into the training program where the cohort usually gets an interview for residency. Residents Medical has also assisted many IMGs and FMGs that have gone to Mexico to study medicine with the end goal result of doing their residency in America. American teaching hospitals need bi-lingual trainees. We can alleviate both the IMG/FMG need, and the teaching hospital’s need by helping cohorts from North and South America with our 48-weeks rotations preparatory course.  U.S. medical rotations is paramount to be considered for a residency in America. Your Dream Residency starts with proper rotations.

The proper foundation is the key to your medical career success. Residents Medical, with their expertise will pour the proper foundation, starting with rotations, going on or paralleling with unsurpassed USMLE tutelage, and a strong research portfolio. Your US-based rotations will dictate your chances of success, in the ever so competitive realm of US medical residency training. We’ve got your rotations covered to help you obtain your Dream Residency.