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ACGME Accreditation

There is an epidemic proportion of Physician shortage in the rural and vulnerable populations of America. There is also a “residency bottleneck.” The bottleneck has transpired because year after year there have been more applicants applying for residency spots than there are post graduate medical residency training positions. There is truly a large disparity in applicants versus positions available. Some Primary Care training programs have a 100:1 ratio of applicant versus position applying each year, stacking on top of each other year after year.

Compounding this problem are the changes in the politics of insurance, reimbursement, and medicine. All of this is bringing various trepidations to the business of hospitals. Stability is key in a market as big as health care. Whether it be a Health System or Community-based Hospital that is interested in organic bottom line growth, and value-add, starting an ACGME accredited program is a real opportunity with tangible results. Once the institution becomes a teaching hospital, it attracts top-notch talent, better health outcomes, new innovations, and esteemed School of Medicine affiliations. The whole energy of a hospital changes for the better. Top down staff, and patients walk into a sophisticated hospital.

From a monetary aspect, the revenue that a well-run ACGME Accredited residency program can bring in, is truly tantalizing. Residents Medical has the resources, experience, and personnel, to hand a turn-key residency program to the organization that dispatches our talents. An ACGME program also enables rotations from medical schools globally, externships, and a variety of other attached attaché that bring in revenue.

In addition, Residents Medical can assist in the management of your residency program. We have the wherewithal to make sure that all the regulatory and intricacies of upkeep are kept at an accredited program. We also help with RRC violation corrections and implementation of better practices. Starting an accredited residency program brings a plethora of benefits, our staff and consultants have been involved in starting, running and maintaining many programs. In this niche field of Graduate Medical Education, experience and reputation is paramount. This is another way we are pioneering medical education, globally®. We can assist you with starting your ACGME Accredited Dream Residency Program. Are you next?