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Placement Opportunities

Many residency candidates, whether they are US medical graduates, international medical graduates (IMGs) or foreign medical graduates (FMGs) can be eligible for our placement services. We have to thoroughly evaluate all candidates based on a number of criteria, including scores, experience and other credentials.

We offer placement opportunities to candidates who meet the established requirements of our professional assessment. Each candidate’s credentials and experience must be approved by the Residents Medical (RM) Acceptance Committee before being offered placement in our program. If credentials of a candidate need to be enhanced, RM placement advisers create a step-by-step plan including preparatory guidance and education that is specifically tailored to each candidate’s needs. If candidates have only minor issues with their credentials, a direct placement can be considered, where Residents Medical will attune the candidates’ CV, personal statement and provide relevant services in order to be able to successfully advocate for the candidate at different residency programs.

Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the form and submit your application for our professional review and consideration. Our advisers will contact you soon.