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Unaccredited PGY-1 Residency

We offer an unaccredited PGY-1 internship in a variety of specialties at certain ACGME accredited residency programs. This is a unique opportunity for medical school graduates to get valuable clinical experience and exposure at an actual accredited ACGME residency program. This PGY-1 residency position will enable you to showcase your talents and prove yourself for an accredited PGY-1 position. Residents Medical exclusively offers this to help those candidates with low scores and attempts, the out-of-practice, or any candidate serious about training.

The PGY-1 unaccredited resident takes the in-service exam, receives evaluations and is integrated into the residency team. It is like you are getting a practice run of the PGY-1 marathon, before the actual race. You will be able to showcase your talent in order to set up your chances for a future successful acceptance as a PGY-1 accredited resident.

  • Work alongside other PGY accredited residents
  • Receive a stipend under the guidance of a program director at university-affiliated hospital
  • Same curriculum as an ACGME-accredited PGY-1 Resident

The unaccredited PGY-1 preparatory pathway is at an actual ACGME-accredited residency program where you will be participating alongside with and performing the same duties as other residents in their preliminary year.

We created this opportunity in part for candidates with low scores, attempts, gaps in their medical education, and minimal US clinical experience so that they will have a chance to improve their credentials and show program directors what they are truly capable of. Being part of a residency program team while working as a resident is an extremely valuable experience.

To be considered for the unaccredited PGY-1, please complete the following form. One of our Guidance Counselors will contact you.

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