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Starting Your Path to Residency on the Right Foot

With only three months between medical graduation and the submission of the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), there is limited time to get ahead of the game and stand out to residency program directors. Completing ERAS includes many steps, such as creating a compelling personal statement, authorizing USMLE transcripts, obtaining letters of recommendation, application fees, and more. For many medical graduates, this process can appear daunting, especially for international and foreign medical graduates who face additional challenges. This includes immigration visa issues, lack of proper preparation on their USMLE’S, credible clinical rotations with proper evaluations, interview preparedness, lack of understanding the competitive process of medical residency in the U.S. works, just to name a few critical elements.

Each aspect of the ERAS application takes extensive time and effort to plan and craft each element in order to stand out among the pool of thousands of applicants. As a result of the amount of pressure that comes with this, it is important to get a head start on your application. Don’t wait until the last minute for any aspect, since procrastination and low effort come through to program directors. Spending sufficient time to edit and complete each portion is crucial in creating a stand-out application. ERAS doesn’t need to be another obstacle standing in your path to residency. There is still time to ensure you can have a strong application.

Residents Medical, with its extensive network and in-house MD’s, Deans’ of schools of medicine, top tutors for USMLE, university-based clinical rotations, paid research opportunities, and preparatory staff and advisory team provides a full spectrum of residency application and residency procurement support to help you land your Dream Residency. With the help of Residents Medical, ERAS is no longer another hurdle, but just another step on your path to residency. Are You Next?