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The Importance of Research

The Importance of Research

Currently, as the pool of applicants for residency is increasing, and competition for these spots is growing exponentially, anything to add value to a candidate’s application is worthwhile. What stands out to a Program Director is what sets you apart from the average medical school graduate. Program Directors value research fellowship positions very highly when reviewing candidates for their programs since research is necessary for the progress of medicine.

 “Scientific inquiry, the willingness and excitement of acquiring new medical knowledge, and the ability to think critically are highly valued when we come across individuals who possess these attributes. A doctor who not only has broad medical knowledge but who can proactively advance medicine is a goldmine” – Professor Greg Heffernan, VP, Residents Medical

Therefore, Program Directors and those reviewing ERAS applications look for those candidates who have research experience and publications, specifically in the specialties and sub-specialties in which they are applying. Getting an early start in medical school and committing from the beginning to the end of a research project stands out to Program Directors.

 “Nearly everyone, especially those from overseas medical schools, need to do research. Most people choose to do something translational or clinical and these almost always result in authorship. The summer after the first year of medical school is really the only time where students have a 2-3 month block of free time so they need to make the most of it”. –Dr. John Eungdamrong, Residents Medical Director of USMLE Services and Development.

Obtaining a research position at a top ACGME Accredited program can be extremely difficult without networking or connections. Residents Medical eliminates the grueling and discouraging process of finding a position by offering our candidates top positions in ACGME Accredited University-Based programs. A university-based experience adds value to your CV by indicating you have worked amongst the top researchers in the country. Rural, community-based institutions may offer research positions, but they don’t hold the esteem that university-based experience does. In the changing face of healthcare and graduate medical education, relaying to PD’s and faculty your dedication and genuine interest in the field of medicine as a proactive tool rather than your personal career choice will set you apart from other candidates. Showing an eagerness and willing to participate in potentially life-saving research will relay this message. And Residents Medical has the antidote to get you there.