Amjad Elmashala

MD, Internal Medicine

Our newest tutor, Dr. Amjad Elmashala, was born and raised in Palestine, where he studied medicine at Al-Quds University. He was also a member of the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative, where he and his team conducted behavioral neurology research on Parkinson’s disease patients. Fascinated with the practice of neurology while doing his clinical rotations at Harvard, Dr. Amjad decided to take the USMLEs during the 2016/2017 cycle after graduating from medical school. He interviewed in several places for residency and eventually matched at the University of Iowa. Dr. Amjad is now doing his prelim year in internal medicine at hospitals and clinics affiliated with the University of Iowa, where he will be doing his neurology residency next year. Outside of medicine, Dr. Amjad like to play soccer, watch TV/movies, and travel.