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Andrew Sauvageau, MD

Resident at University of Michigan, Dermatology

Andrew graduated from the University at Buffalo Summa Cum Laude in in Biomedical Sciences. During his year before medical school, Andrew lived on the island of Yap in Micronesia teaching high-school biology, mathematics, and chemistry, while simultaneously conducting research at the local hospital. He has experience tutoring first and second year medical students in biochemistry, molecular biology, metabolism, genetics and pharmacology. During his medical school career he obtained honors in all his clinical courses, scored 95-100th national percentile on all shelf examinations, scored 250+ on Step I, 270+ on step II, and 260+ on step III. Furthermore, he was awarded the Edward Curvish Award for the highest average in biochemistry, the Douglas Riggs Award for best cumulative academic performance in pharmacology, the John B. Sheffer Award for exceptional aptitude in the pathology laboratory setting, the Morris & Sadie Stein Neuroanatomy Award for the highest academic performance in neuroanatomy, and graduated with research honors and as a member of AOA. Currently Andrew is completing his Transitional residency at Riverside Community Hospital in Southern California, and will be continuing his residency training at the University of Michigan dermatology program.

Andrew Sauvageau is available to tutor USMLE Step 1, 2, or 3.