USMLE 1-on-1

Tutoring is the most effective way of preparing for your USMLEs. Unfortunately, not all schools have the same approach to USMLE preparation, or may not have as strong of a curriculum. This creates a problem for many medical school students and graduates. We have many candidates that come to us after they have already established study habits that led them to low scores on their exams. Therefore, it is important to start working with a tutor on an individual plan, that is based on an assessment of your baseline, as early as possible and get on the right track immediately.

  • Free Assessment
  • One-on-One intimate learning environment
  • Sessions done through preferable video interface
  • Our tutors have scored 250+ on Step Exams and are students / graduates from top-tier medical schools
  • Tutoring strategy developed based off your strengths, weaknesses and objectives.
  • Tutor will create custom study schedule based off your availability