RM Core Competencies

A candidate that embodies each of these core competencies will have a greater chance at Matching into U.S. medical residency. We can help you gain the experience and skills necessary to fulfill these qualities.


Soft skills

Adapting to any situation, maintaining a positive attitude, improving communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork, time management, and flexibility.


Learning & functioning in various settings

Able to learn from every situation, function in a high stress environment, and friendly toward patients and peers alike.


Emotional stability & maturity

Develop your impulse control and steady disposition to handle situations objectively on a day-to-day basis.


Empathy for others

Good understanding of one’s environment and effect on others. Appropriate bedside manner and interactions with peers and patient family members.


Sound judgment

Ability to analyze, evaluate, and act upon situations in a variety of settings with objectivity, open-mindedness, and accountability.


Physical & mental stamina

Maintain a positive outlook when carrying out professional responsibilities and possess the endurance necessary to operate efficiently in the medical workplace. Focus on wellness and lifestyle balance.

Residency Dream Team

Our Residency Specialists are held to the highest standard to create the best pathway to your Dream Residency™.