The ERAS Application for those applying for residency is your opportunity to present yourself as a strong candidate for a program. It’s imperative that you have a CV filled with reasons why a Program Director would want you on their team. There are three things you can do right now with our help to empower you to get that residency spot. Here they are:

  • Limited gaps on your CV – Any period of your medical education where you are not involved in medical training is called a ‘gap’. A gap in your CV can be due to a number of reasons. It is possible you were studying for USMLE’s. These gaps can often be written off and may not be damaging to your application. The most negatively impactful gaps are long ones, where an applicant has been out of medicine for years at a time. Many applicants fail multiple times and take years to get ECFMG certified, or they could be derailed from medicine for personal reasons. Whatever the reason, these long gaps do not bode well for your chances of matching. That’s why it is imperative to seek opportunities to remain relevant in medical training and education.
  • Obtaining US Clinical Experience – US Clinical rotations are imperative for you if you are an IMG. Familiarizing yourself with the US healthcare system and the intricacies of healthcare professional culture will not only make you stand out from other candidates but will also give you the tools and experience you need to navigate a US residency and eventually practicing in the US. Clinical rotations at ACGME Accredited US Clinical Hospitals will offer you the chance to interact with patients, get exposed to different communication methods and physician-patient relationships. Culture and geography often impact health outcomes, so familiarizing yourself with healthcare in the US is essential if you plan on practicing in the US. This will equip you to know what can be expected of both patients and physicians in North America.
  • Possessing strong LOR’s – To apply for residency, an applicant needs three Letters of Recommendation from practicing US physicians. As an IMG, a strong LOR from a US licensed doctor essentially gives a stamp of approval that you are well-equipped and proficient in navigating an American clinical setting. Therefore, obtaining an LOR from a US physician is essential.

While being an IMG can be stressful, possessing these three items on your CV will make you a strong candidate for a US Residency Program. We can provide you with the chance to obtain all three!