As the first step to strategically moving towards accreditation, we will assess your hospital’s readiness for an ACGME Accredited program. We will conduct a non-intrusive feasibility and financial assessment of your institution’s resources on the basis of location, resources, and needs. Residents Medical will identify and evaluate areas of concern in a comprehensive study report of their findings as well as a viable action plan to move forward. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your program and arming you with a viable action plan to succeed in your annual institutional review (AIR), Residents Medical can help revitalize your hospital’s program.

We will put in place an infrastructure and personnel program to work with your existing team so that you can stick to the business side of GME. We will aid in building your bottom line by increasing rotations, research, and other GME income streams, as well as assisting in the reimbursement arena to help fiscally manage your program. Are You Next?TM