When applying for your Dream Residency, you will encounter a lot of questions: when do I apply for an externship, how do I write my personal statement, when do I submit my ERAS application? The good news is that Residents Medical has the answers to all of your questions, preparing you with steps for each time frame in order to exponentially help your residency application stand out! Timing is everything when it comes to medical residency, and how you utilize this time will alter the outcome of your residency. The following list is a timeline of events that you should adhere to when preparing to apply:

  • June: Start your program research and register on MyERAS.
  • July: Write your personal statement and work on composing your application.
  • August: Edit and review your application with mentors and Residents Medical and begin interview preparations.
  • September: Apply to residency programs and continue interview preparations.
  • October: Interviews begin as applications are under review.
  • November: NRMP interviews begin.
  • December: Continue with interviews and start brainstorming your Rank Order.
  • January: NRMP and Rank Order Lists are submitted.
  • February: Relax! Everything is submitted. NRMP and Rank Order Lists are being certified by programs and applicants.
  • March: MATCH Week and the Post-Match SOAP! Results for your residency are available!
  • April: If you did not match, reach out to Residents Medical to start your work with us!
  • May: ERAS Application season ends.
  • June: Relax. Residency is about to be non-stop!
  • July: Residency Starts!

As you can see, there is a strenuous calendar of events in the upcoming future. Take advantage of the programs and services provided by Residents Medical to organize and help you accomplish your Dream Residency. Contact us for your personalized Residency Timeline.